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Floris De Decker


Wallace Vanborn - Lions, liars, guns and god (engineer: opname)
Yawns - I wanna go where nobody knows my name (productie, opname, mix)
The isle of man - Coffee and advice (opname, mix, productie, mastering)
Arquettes (productie, opname, mix)
Hear hear a cheer - For people who believe change is something they’ve lost in a couch (mix, master)
Pauwel De Meyer - Hideaway (mix, master)
dVkes – Let me go into the wild EP (mix)
Johnny Berlin - Hyber Nation (mastering)
Bed Rugs - Cycle (mastering)
Stijn Meuris - 1974 (single) (mastering)
Team William (songwriter, gitaar, zang)