You cannot record ambiance, but you don’t wish to make your record in an abattoir either.
If you’d rather record in historical ballrooms, dilapidated churches, secluded chapels,
or grand chateaux – we’ve been there and we’ve done that – you may want to engage
our flight-cased recording setup, which can be configured with all the equipment you need from our extensive range of high-end gear.
We’ve captured the live ambiance of the Vienna Philharmonic’s
New Year’s concerts, and we’ve recorded opera in prestigious houses,
such as the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, the Opernhaus Zürich, or the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. 
We’ve recorded famous orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra,
but also the world’s most reputed rock stars, in whatever location they choose to play.
We’ve done Faithless, we’ve done The Simple Minds.
We’ve recorded Sting, the Black Eyed Peas, and Paul McCartney at the Rock in Rio Lisboa Festival. 

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