MotorMusic is living proof that the world continues to crave good studios.
How do you recognize a good studio?

It has the same qualities as a superior holiday resort. 
Its location, its people, its offerings,

its comfort, its extras.

Why do you need a good studio?

Because you’re sitting on something beautiful. Which we can improve. 
As a result of which it will be aired

four times more often. Guaranteed.

We make you better.

We get better on account of you.
See you soon, we hope?



Our main room, and home of the hits. This is a fully-equipped pro studio, with lots of natural light, a large control room, a very (very) large studio, plus two separate rooms.
The studio is big enough to handle an orchestra or film score, but funky enough to provide the perfect atmosphere for a smaller group, be it rock, jazz or world music.

Our compact studio. This features a fully loaded Pro Tools, with a comfortable control room plus a booth.
Ideal for pre-production, post-production, mixing, tracking and overdubs.

The fully digital studio consists a 45m2 control room and is equipped to handle high end stereo and 5.1 surround sound projects up to 192 KHz.
This studio is ideal for music mastering & mixing, whatever the musical style or genre.

Over the past decade, our mobile flex unit 
has accumulated the knowhow to record any
kind of music on any kind of location, including soundtracks. 
MotorMusic Mobile Flex unit is committed to creating
the best possible studio conditions in any venue.