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Over the past decade, our team has accumulated the know-how to record any kind of music on any kind of location, including soundtracks. 

We are committed to creating the best possible studio conditions in any venue. 

More advantageous to prospective film partners, however, is the fact that we have become the exclusive recording partner of the Brussels Philharmonic, an acclaimed symphony orchestra with a strong pedigree in sound track recording – its best-known achievements being the Golden Globe-awarded OST to Martin Scorsese’s motion picture The Aviator and - more recently - the Oscar-winning soundtrack of The Artist.

The Brussels Philharmonic has an additional trump card. The Flagey complex – its interbellum hall of residence – used to be the first Belgian broadcasting building. Erected between 1935 and 1938 (in a modernist style which lends the building the outlook of an ocean steamer), it is reputed for its unsurpassable acoustics and ideally suited to record any type of orchestral music.

We did in-house recordings (and mixing) of - amongst others - Weekend Aan Zee, Little Baby Jesus of Flandr, Life in One Day, Het Paard van Sinterklaas, Achtste-Groepers Huilen Niet, Swooni and - for television - Het Goddelijke Monster, Red Sonja, Deadline, De Vijfhoek.

We’ve created and maintained allegiances (and friendships) with the greatest musicians in the world; if necessary, we are happy to introduce you to composers, orchestras, arrangers or conductors. For – and this continues to be our brand motto – no project is too small or too large for us. 

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