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Immersive music has been around for a few years now, but since the launch of Apple's Spatial audio in 2021,  things are changing rapdidly. Immersive music is now accessible for the listeners via platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon. 

At MotorMusic our engineers Steven Maes and Robin Breugelmans have been recording, mixing and researching immersive music for a few years now. 

In January 2022 we installed a state of the art 7.1.4 Neumann speaker system in Studio 5, to be able to work in the Dolby Atmos ecosystem. Meanwhile, the studio received the official Dolby approval and is now a Dolby Atmos Music Studio.

MotorMusic is also the official partner for Neumann speakers in Belgium.


Immersive recording
We are a firm believer that music should be written and composed with the immersive idea in mind. This gives you way more possibilities and space than a stereo recording. In post-production it is easier to extract a stereo downmix from an immersive mix then the other way around.

Immersive mixing
We can mix all your immersive recordings in our Dolby Atmos Music studio

Immersive (re)mixing / stem mixing
If you need an upmix from a traditional stereo recording to a Dolby Atmos mix, you can send us the original multitrack or the stems. 
We will upmix the stereo mix to an immersive mix. 

Interested in working together? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to talk about your next project. Our engineers are experienced in various music genres: rock, pop, jazz, classical music, film... See you soon!
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