Why still have your songs mastered?
We love hits, ladies and gentleman, whether it's classical music, pop, jazz, rock, dance or folk.
We always push ourselves to our limits, but in the final mastering, we go a little bit further, looking for
the perfect colour and balance.
We don't just focus on volume: your mix shouldn't (only) sound massive, it must be appealing to your audience.
Our engineers have the creative empathy to let your mix shine on every possible medium.


In 2006, MotorMusic Mastering was born as an independent company, based on the know how of MotorMusic studios.

The company has the same philosophy as the mother ship:

they both aim for top quality, based on made to measure craftmanship and personal touch.

Whether you'd like to perform for your neighbours, or a sold out arena.


We opt for acoustically neutral sounding spaces.

That way, we (and you) are able to judge the sound

in the most honest way possible.


our engineers

Your search for the best engineer, starts with their discography. Don't hesitate to get in touch, by phone or by mail.

Laurens Grossen
Thomas De Pauw
Pieterjan Seynaeve

Projects we've worked on


High resolution & Apple Digital Masters

We continously invest in new software that enables us to author the newest formats (surround in DSD and DXD. We do this for specialised platforms, as well as SACD.

Our engineers have gained the expertise through training (and a bit of trial and error) to make your music sound great on every platform available - whether it's high resolution or MP3.

We are also a proud affiliate of the Apple Digital Masters-programme.


The last few years, there has been a strong revival of vinyl records. It's a delicate matter, that requires a specific know how, in which Thomas De Pauw, one of our senior engineer, has specialised. Contact him to discuss your vinyl project with him.







2 x Mac Mini i7

Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Accel (+plugin ) through Digidesign HD 192 (2x)


Wavelab 7 mastering editing software


AD / DA conversion: Lyra 2 prism sound

Pyramix Native 9 Mastering suite + SACD Disk Building

Neumann KH310


GML8200 Parametric Equalizer
Manley Massive passive stereo EQ

Manley Variable MU stereo Limiter/Compressor
Neve 33609/J

stereo compressor
TC system 6000

+ icon MD 5.1,

MD 3 Brickwall,

toolbox 5.1
Crane song STC 8

stereo compressor
L2 Waves

stereo compressor Limiter

Thermionic Culture ‘The Phoenix’ master compressor


Prism Sound Lyra 2
Grimm CC1V2


How does it work?

You deliver

  • Audio-files

WAV or AIFF / 16 of 24 bit / 44,1 - 192 kHz

ProTools-session (PT 7 or higher)

!tip: songs on different tracks

for SACD: DSD or DxD, per discrete channel

  • Data

CD-text, ISRC-codes, barcode

 with form


How to deliver:

Via WeTransfer or similar

Via our FTP-server

On a hard drive


What do you get?

DDP-file (to be opened with our DDP-software)

On request: on CD


Download for Mac or Windows

(we'll sent you the product key by mail)




all rates are ex. 21% VAT

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