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We are a classical music recording outfit, and we are gifted with the ability to make precious discoveries. Whether the discoveries are ours – because we are always on the lookout for the best equipment and the best conditions –, or yours – because we offer you the circumstances in which you can outshine yourself – is not important. Crucial is that we will do anything to support you in making the best possible recording.

Boccherini: String Quintets - KARSKI QUARTET & RAPHAËL FEYE
Icons Blindman
Scriabin II - Brussels Philharmonic
The Italian Album - VERITÀ
Luca Montebugnoli: Symphony No. 3 "Eroica" - Scherzo
The German Album - VERITÀ BAROQUE
Voice of hope - Camille Thomas
Schubert - Aus der Ferne
Félicien David
Mendelssohn : In Time
Mendelssohn: Motets & Piano Trio
JS Bach - 6 Suites for cello solo
Benjamin Britten - Weinberg
At The Edge Of The World
Complete Wunderhorn Songs
Lignes Parallèles
La Mer
Opéra Français - Herculanum
Lignes Claires
Prix de Rome • Charpentier
Schubert & Brahms: The Complete Duos
Prix de Rome • Gounod
Shostakovich - Tchaikovsky’s
Wartime Consolations
Inside the Hearing Machine Ludwig Va
Ein Deutsches Requiem - J.Brahms
PhantasieSchubert - Brahms / The Com
Concerto for Orchestra & Violin
Requiem Gabriel Fauré
Schubert & Brahms - The Complete Duo
L.Beethoven - sonatas
L. Boccherini: Arie da Concerto
Trockne BlumenSchubert - Brahms / Th
Marie Jäell
Grand Tango!
Elgar The Dream of Gerontius
Winterreise - Franz Schuberton a cyc


The first order of business with a recording is to find the right location and a recording style that suits a particular music genre. Like a violinist who spends ages looking for the perfect bow, we go out of our way to find the ideal microphone, that elusive cable or the ultimate recording equipment. Without exaggerating in the use of high technology, we aspire to the highest quality norms every single day.
While the difference between left and right is a key aspect, it is the depth that makes the real difference in a recording. In our experience, the choice of microphone and its placement within the recording space are the deciding factors. High sample frequencies and top-of-the-line remote preamplifiers do the rest.

In addition, we also try to position the microphone preamplifier as close to the source as possible. Placing the preamp closer to the microphone reduces mode noise because gain does not have to be taken at the end of the run. We also attach great importance to the craftsmanship. Our love of music and our respect for the musicians that perform it drive us to extremes, not only on a technological level but also in our unrelenting quest for the ultimate music recording.

You cannot record ambiance, but you don’t wish to make your record in an abattoir either. If you’d rather record in historical ballrooms, dilapidated churches, secluded chapels, or grand chateaux – we’ve been there and we’ve done that – you may want to engage our flight-cased recording setup, which can be configured with all the equipment you need from our extensive range of high-end gear.
Our mobile setup is equipped to do high end sound productions of events – such as opera or period location recordings – which are artistically and technically demanding, and which have to be recorded in situ because they cannot move elsewhere. 


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